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TechniKlean UVGI• Specifying & InstallingIntroduction to UVGI • Ultraviolet Germicidal IrradiationUltraviolet light in the c-band range (225–302 nm) is lethal to micro-organisms and is referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI works by cross linking nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) to prevent replication and proliferation of micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds, yeast and fungi. It is important to use the correct UV-C dosage in order to achieve high kill rates. Low intensity UV-C can be used for surface treatment as there is a long UV-C exposure time whereas high intensity UV-C is required for air treatment as the exposure time is short. Plasma Clean UVGI systems are sized to achieve up to 99% microbial kill rate for common microbes based on UV-C dosage tables in the scientific literature as well as independent testing carried out by Plasma Clean.Plasma Clean’s germicidal range consists of the CoilKlean UVGI for surface treatment of heat exchange coils, the AirKlean UVGI unit which is a standalone air cleaner and the TechniKlean UVGI series designed to treat air in building ventilation systems.Air Treatment using TechniKlean UVGIThe TechniKlean UVGI range has 2, 6 & 8 lamp options and designed to fit inside an Air Handling Unit where the linear velocity is approximately 2.5m/s.The design duty for this range is as follows: ProductsMaximum duty for 90% kill (m3/s)Maximum duty for 99% kill (m3/s)*TechniKlean UVGI2L0.240.12TechniKlean UVGI6L2.11.2TechniKlean UVGI8L2.81.6*In a duct measuring up to 600mm H x 1200mm W x 600mm length of ‘kill zone’ with linear velocity no greater than 2.5m/sSizing of Equipment – TechniKlean UVGITo accurately specify the correct equipment to ensure optimum germicidal performance, the following information is required:• Volume flow rate – m3/s• Height x Width and Length of the AHU compartment where the UVGI equipment is to be installed• Temperature• % recirculating or fresh air?*• Type of micro-organism that is being treated**InstallationFor best results, TechniKlean UVGI 2L systems are to be installed with the UV-C lamps parallel with air flow known as ‘axial flow’ configuration and UVGI 6 & 8L systems are to be installed with the UV-C lamps perpendicular to air flow known as ‘crossflow’ configuration. This can be achieved by installing runners into the air handling unit (not supplied). It is important to ensure that the UV-C light intensity throughout the kill zone is maintained and systems must be designed so that the maximum distance from the lamp to the edge of the effective kill zone is no more than 300mm from the lamp. This will create an effective kill zone of 600mm for the TechniKlean UVGI 6L and 8L units. For surge protection purposes it is recommended to install a Class D MCB circuit breaker in the electrical supply.Kit ContentsTechniKlean UVGI lamp rack with built in ballast boxMains power cable – 2mAccessoriesControl panel with air flow interlock and fault relay with BMS connectivity. Other control panels are available, please enquire.UV light guardsSafetyFor UV-C safety, an internal safety switch is located in the 6L and 8L lamp frame which requires a door mounted actuator to activate, please enquire.MaintenanceA Plasma Clean service contract is available (please enquire) and in any case Plasma Clean would recommend:• Servicing is normally confined to the regular cleaning of the UV-C lamps as part of a maintenance programme managed by Plasma Clean or a Plasma Clean approved contractor• For maximum efficiency establish a regular cleaning cycle based on routine checks of the UV lamps during the first few months of use. • The UV lamps have a normal operating life of 10,000 hrs after which time they should be replacedTechnical DrawingPlease contact our Technical Helpdesk if a CAD drawing is required.

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