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Design convector SD

Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD (SD) by
Design convector SD
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Model: SD
  • Dimensions: 1,000.00mm x 180.00mm x 270.00mm
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High output with timeless design. The front panel is made of brushed stainless steel or painted in high gloss, placed in a solid wood frame.


  • high heating output of the forced convection
  • heating unit with short response time
  • heating also when the fan is off
  • low electricity consumption
  • safe voltage 12VDC
  • easy operation


  • Width 180 mm
  • Build height 270 mm
  • Length 1000 - 2000 mm


for heating 1,0975
 10001250150017502000length (mm)
0th fan speed; 75/65/20 °C269362458551648heat power (W)
1st fan speed; 75/65/20 °C13841862235928363333heat power (W)
2nd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C16182176275733163897heat power (W)
3rd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C17942413305736764321heat power (W)
COIL SD - DC MOTOR10001250150017502000length (mm)
 5781113power input (VA)
Fancoil cat capacity
Heat capacity1794 W/m

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