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Floor convector HC 1000mm

Floor convector HC 1000mm (HC-1000) by
Floor convector HC 1000mm
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  • Model: HC-1000
  • Dimensions: 1,000.00mm x 243.00mm x 125.00mm
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Floor convector HC


Very efficient single circuit floor convector with a fan for heating and cooling. Suitable for all types of interiors. This convector is standardly supplied with a DC fan motor or, for use in a wet environment, with an AC motor.


  • single circuit connection
  • high forced convection heating efficiency
  • rapidly reacting heating unit
  • heats even when the fan is turned off
  • simple control


for heating 1,0456 / for cooling 0,8640
COIL HC - heating9001000125015001750200025003000length (mm)
1st fan speed; 75/65/20 °C8621006136517242083244231613879heat power (W)
2nd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C9461104149818932287268134704258heat power (W)
3rd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C11351324179622692742321441605105heat power (W)


COIL HC - cooling9001000125015001750200025003000length (mm)
2nd fan speed; 6/12/26 °C34139854068282596712511536cool power (W)
3rd fan speed; 6/12/26 °C379442600758916107413901706cool power (W)


COIL HC - DC MOTOR9001000125015001750200025003000length (mm)
 1212242424364848power input (VA)


COIL HC - DC MOTOR9001000125015001750200025003000length (mm)
 323737647474106111cool input (VA)
Fancoil cat capacity
Cool capacity500 W/m
Heat capacity1104 W/m

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