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BPH pellet boiler

BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler (BPH) by
BPH pellet boiler
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BPH pellet boiler

  • Wood pellets consist of 100% natural wood. They are created as a by-product of the wood-processing industry.  

    Both the storage and handling of pellets is easy and clean. Wood pellets have a high calorific value - 2 kg of pellets corresponds to about 1 litre of fuel oil.  

    It works like this:  
    A suction turbine brings the pellets from the storage space into the boiler's daily supply container. A speed-regulated dosing screw transports the pellets from the daily supply container into the combustion chamber, the necessary combustion air is fed in, and ignition is automatic.  

    The lambda probe determines exactly how much fuel and combustion air are required for the heating power. Using the measured data, the drive for the fuel dosing screw and the mass air flow sensor for the  primary and secondary air is controlled.

    High efficiencies and low pollutant emission figures are achieved in this way.  

    The built-in automatic cleaning system cleans combustion residues every day from the heat exchanger and the combustion grate.

  • Thanks to the automatic ash compaction, the generously sized ash box only has to be emptied at most four times a year.  

    The microprocessor-based controller, with its plain text display, is easy to use. The basic version includes management of heating, storage and buffer storage. Thanks to the modular structure, it can be extended to up to four mixing circuits.  

    The suction turbine allows the boiler to be erected independently of the position of the pellet storage room. The pellet suction hose can be up to 20 meters long.  

    The pellet heating system is suitable for all common types of pellet storage rooms, e.g. distribution by a  spiral system, suction probe, underground tank, bag silo.

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