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Control module BM

Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM (Control module BM) by
Control module BM
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Control module BM

  • As end units become more complex and more technically subtle, the controller also faces more difficult challenges.

    Optimum regulation of temperature zones in a house throughout the year is only one of the challenges solved by the Wolf WRS control system. It is true strength lies in the coordination and control of complete heating systems.

    The WRS optimises and synchronises even the extended modes of operation with components such as integrated solar technology or air-conditioning equipment.

    Yet in spite of these stiff technical challenges, Wolf remains true to its basic principle:

    • easy operation
    • problem-free commissioning and servicing

    The WRS, with its two rotary knobs, isas easy to use as a radio.
    The technician also finds this principle helpful. Thanks to connections that are ready to be plugged in and to stored programs, heating operation can be started quickly and easily.

    The removable operating module is another ingenious feature. It can optionally be mounted in the heat generator's controller, or in a wall fitting for use as a remote control in the living room. There are therefore no large additional expenses for remote operation.

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