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Floor convector HCM4p

Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p (HCM4p) by
Floor convector HCM4p
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Model: HCM4p
  • Dimensions: 900.00mm x 340.00mm x 147.00mm
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Most efficient floor convector of the MINIB range with two-circuit separated system for the heating and cooling circuit. The two-circuit connection permits use of the heating and cooling circuits separately.


  • two-circuit connection
  • rapidly reacting heating unit
  • heats even when the fan is turned off
  • very high forced convection heating efficiency
  • safe 12 V DC voltage
  • simple control


  • Width 340 mm
  • Build height 147 mm
  • Length 900 - 2000 mm


for heating 1,0592 / for cooling 1,0000
COIL HCM4p - heating90010001250150017502000length (mm)
1st fan speed; 75/65/20 °C8419811331168220322383heat power (W)
2nd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C94110971489188122732665heat power (W)
3rd fan speed; 75/65/20 °C105712341674211525552996heat power (W)
COIL HCM4p - cooling90010001250150017502000length (mm)
2nd fan speed; 6/12/26 °C543633859108513111538cool power (W)
3rd fan speed; 6/12/26 °C7088261120141517102005cool power (W)
COIL HCM4p - DC MOTOR90010001250150017502000length (mm)
 265151517676power input (VA)
Fancoil cat capacity
Cool capacity700 W/m
Heat capacity1097 W/m

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