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Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000)

Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000) (MGK-2 (800-100)) by
Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000) (MGK-2 (800-100)) by
Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000) (MGK-2 (800-100)) by
Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000) (MGK-2 (800-100)) by
Gas condensing boiler MGK-2 (800-1000)
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  • Model: MGK-2 (800-100)
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Gas condensing boiler MGK-2

The heating solution for larger buildings

  • Wolf also recommends the new MGK‑2 medium-sized gas condensing boiler with 17 to 100 % output modulation at a rated output level of 390-630 kW, or up to 2.5 MW in a cascade. It is available in four sizes. Thanks to its quiet operation and compact dimensions, it is especially suitable for effective modernisation or refurbishment of existing buildings.

  • The new MGK-2 requires no minimum amount of circulating water or return temperature raising facility, making it particularly economical. Furthermore, users will be delighted with the easy operation of the BM-2 programming module, with its built-in colour TFT display and its many new auxiliary functions.

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