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Gas condensing boiler WOLF - CGB till 100 kW

Gas condensing boiler WOLF - CGB till 100 kW (CGB75) by
Gas condensing boiler WOLF - CGB till 100 kW
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ComfortLine CBG/CGB-K condensing combi boiler

  • The ComfortLine gas condensing boilers combine environmentally friendly, energy-saving properties with a simple structure and extremely convenient operation and hot water availability.  

    Advanced heating value technology ensures efficient energy exploitation:  
    By returning heat from the exhaust gases into the heating circuit, their energy is also exploited, so saving fuel. This is shown by a thermal efficiency of 110%, achieved with low consumption and low pollutant emissions.  

    Performance is significantly better than the limits specified by the new German energy-saving regulations (EnEV), while the specifications of the strict “Hannover Subsidy Programme (Proklima)” are satisfied.

    Thanks to the ideal, compact dimensions and to the easily serviced design of the units, they can easily be fitted into 32 niches.  

    Our gas condensing boiler CGB is available as:
    CGB-K combi boiler: 5.6 - 40 kW  
    CGB wall mounted condensing boiler: 3.1 - 100 kW 

WOLF Gas technical parameters
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