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Quality Rules

BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015


In the conditions of increasing competition on the Bulgarian market and on an ongoing basis

raising consumer demands, AIR LUX SYSTEMS quality policy

Ltd. is focused entirely on meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of

customers, in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

For the implementation of the quality policy, the management of AIR LUX SYSTEMS

Ltd. will work to achieve the following main goals:

  • supply of machinery and equipment of proven origin and quality;
  • design, implementation and delivery of installations without claims;
  • providing products / services on time;
  • maintaining constant contact with customers for the purpose of exploration and satisfaction their requirements, needs and expectations;
  • loyalty to all customers, suppliers, partners and competitors;
  • continuous improvement of communication between the different units in the the company;
  • continuous training of employees and encouragement for interaction with each other them;
  • periodically reviewing and updating general and specific quality goals;
  • identifying, assessing and managing the risks that may arise before, during and after the provision of the products / services;
  • continuous monitoring and measurement of processes affecting the conformity of the products / services provided;
  • pre-selection, evaluation and monitoring of external suppliers used;
  • continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of QMS.

The management of AIR LUX SYSTEMS Ltd declares that this Policy will

be disclosed, understood and applied within the organization and will be made available to the relevant person

stakeholders in appropriate ways.

This Policy is reviewed at least annually during the Review by

The manual.

The management of AIR LUX SYSTEMS Ltd. assumes responsibility for compliance with

the principles set out in this Policy.