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BIOPEL LINE Pellet fuel boiler 10-40kW BIOPEL LINE Pellet fuel boiler 10-40kW
Hot -10 %
Brand: OPOP Model: BIOPEL-LINE-10-40
5,670.86лв. 6,300.96лв.
Ex Tax:4,725.72лв.
Brand: WOLF-HEIZTECHNIK Model: Gas condensing boiler CSZ-2
Eligible for subsidies, the CSZ-2R is the perfect combined solution for solar and gas. Perfectly matched, highly efficient and space saving.Do you want to use free solar energy for most of the DHW heating in your detached house? Then the WOLF CSZ-2R gas condensing solar centre, combined wi..
11,226.86лв. 12,474.29лв.
Ex Tax:9,355.72лв.
Solid fuel boiler Lasian CL 25
Hot -10 %
Brand: OPOP Model: LCL25
2,796.30лв. 3,107.00лв.
Ex Tax:2,330.25лв.
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