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Brand: KEMPER Model: Art. No.: 92 102
These fans have especially been designed for the use with exhaust arms, telescopic arms and exhaust cranes. The impeller wheel and the powder coated housing consist of spark proved aluminium casting. The impeller wheel is balanced statically and dynamically. Therefore, excellent operating characteri..
Ex Tax:125.00лв.
Brand: OPOP Model: PEL-vacuum
Move wood pellets automatically from external silo for wood pellet boiler hopper.Complete package for vacuum transport. Up to 15 meter transport of pellets. The content of the package: 1 pcs. Pelvac vacuum transport system with Rotary valves 1 pcs. Pelvac auger 10 pcs. 3 meters transport pipe for ..
Ex Tax:2,881.58лв.
Brand: Plasma Clean UK Model: AirKlean S
AirKlean S air disinfection unitFor: Food HygieneThe AirKlean S has been designed to disinfect air in small enclosed spaces – cold stores, production facilities, public areas, in fact anywhere that requires infection and odour control.The unit is ceiling mounted and has an intern..
Ex Tax:3,920.00лв.
Brand: OPOP Model: PEL-AUGER
10kW 16kW 20kW 30kW 40kW 60kW 80kW 100kW 120kW 150kW 200kW                      ..
Ex Tax:660.44лв.
10kW 16kW 20kW 30kW 40kW 60kW 80kW 100kW 120kW 150kW 200kW                      ..
Ex Tax:660.44лв.
BIOPEL LINE Pellet fuel boiler 10-40kW BIOPEL LINE Pellet fuel boiler 10-40kW
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Brand: OPOP Model: BIOPEL-LINE-10-40
5,670.86лв. 6,300.96лв.
Ex Tax:4,725.72лв.
Brand: ATRIA Model: ATRIA UHP302FP
Board for underfloor heating with laminate polypropylene foil UHP302FPgrid: 10 x 10 cmrigidity: 100 kPathickness: 30 mmpackage: 2 x 5 m (10 m2)..
Ex Tax:7.66лв.
BPH pellet boiler Wood pellets consist of 100% natural wood. They are created as a by-product of the wood-processing industry.   Both the storage and handling of pellets is easy and clean. Wood pellets have a high calorific value - 2 kg of pellets corresponds to about 1 li..
Ex Tax:17,768.72лв.
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